“We are in the midst of 6 different projects/tasks at our house. That’s a lot of contractors doing different estimates and completing the work. Bruce has been a pleasure to work with – polite, professional, prompt and took pride in his work. He was also honest about not really wanting to do one of the tasks I was interested in, rather than doing it anyway in an ‘I don’t want to be doing this’ manner. Later, He cheerfully moved the driveway cleaning to not interfere with the siding folks when that was subsequently scheduled.

The job he did was amazing! The area he cleaned is adjacent to new concrete that’s only a month old. He carefully respected it while scrubbing the old concrete right up to the line between them. It took me 12 hrs two years ago to do the same section he did in a little over an hour. His is far cleaner than I was able to get it and without 3 nights of getting take out while I cleaned it after work. My only regret is not asking him if he had time to do another small area I didn’t really care about when he came out for the estimate, but now sticks out. The section he cleaned just pops! You’d never guess it was 50 year old concrete :)”